Episode 1 (Season 2) Out & About (4) A Year of Nature 

As we launch Season 2, we celebrate the publication of a new book by Catherine Hughes and Becky Goddard-Hill. A Year of Nature Walks and Games is a delightful celebration of the natural world offering simple, inspiring ideas to appeal to children of all ages throughout the year. 

Episode 2 (Season 2) The Gift of Language 

Giulia Postal tells her story of growing up with multiple languages and the lasting benefits of that rich upbringing. What a gift! 

Episode 3 (Season 2) Living Well... through transition and change 

Sarah has managed multiple life challenges whilst bringing up her son. Her story is real and practical, shot through with nuggets of wisdom. For every family facing any change... 

Episode 4 (Season 2) The choices we make for our children (1) 

Hannah shares the many questions she has ahead of applying for a school place for her firstborn. We all have make decisions on behalf of our children... it's helpful to know we're not alone!  

Episode 5. The choices we make for our children (2) 

We conclude our conversations around making considered choices for our children with Wendy and Eddie Hepper. With their wealth of professional and parenting experience, they offer sound guidance. 

Episode 6. A fresh look at play - SchemaPlay 

Lynnette Brock from SchemaPlay inspires us to look more closely at children's play patterns and interpret them positively.  

Episode 7. See Me! Indroducing Delving a Little Deeper (Set 2) 

To celebrate the publication of the second Set of Delving a Little Deeper, Roxana introduces us to 'Learning Stories', a powerful tool to observe our children...  

Episode 8. School Readiness 

This conversation was first aired on the Calm & Connected podcast with Caroline Allen as the guest of its host Janine Halloran. Such an important listen as we support our children (and ourselves) through this time of uncertainty. 

Episode 9. Champion Fathers 

Dr. John Greenall, father and paediatrician is passionate to champion the role of fathers and father figures. Inspiring for us all (whatever our gender!)  

Episode 10. The Birth of a Parent 

Jeanne-Marie Paynell (parenting mentor and educator) takes a fresh look at birth of the newborn and the birth of a parent. Gentle and inspiring.  

Episode 11. Everyday Dadding 

Juggling full time work with everyday dadding might sound daunting. Sam honestly shares his day to day dadding experiences and his joy shines through!  

Episode 12. Get ready, set, GO! for maths 

Sarah Rowledge returns to introduce us to Set 3 of Delving a Little Deeper. In this set, she reveals how we can prepare our youngest children for maths simply and without any pressure! 
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