Hello, welcome to Turning Stones, hosted by me, Caroline Allen. 


For over 20 years, I have enjoyed the privilege of running various childcare settings, training practitioners, supporting carers as well as parenting 3 children. 
Every day, I believe that I have heard the unscripted cry of every carer and loving parent’s heart… I want to be better at this

Theory & Practical 

Professionally, I learned how to relate the theory of child development to practically supporting the young children in our care. Realistically, few have the time (or inclination) for in-depth study. 

Discover a Hidden World 

And so, this podcast series is about shining a light on children’s daily lives offering the listener practical ways to relate to their children more easily and confidently, and who, in turn, reward us by their responses. 
To give our children the best start in life, we first need to recognise what is going on inside them - in secret. If we turn over a stone in a rock pool, we are rewarded by a hidden world of watery wonders. 

A New Perspective 

If we are given the smallest insight into the inner life of young children, the new perspective transforms how we relate to them and opens untold possibilities. 

The Podcast 

Week by week, I will be chatting to those willing to share their childcare experiences. 
We will shine a light into their child(ren)’s ‘secret’ world so that you might wonder at your child’s capabilities and potential, find new ways to support them and re-discover the joy in being part of their journey. 
It is for everyone & anyone who wants to be more confident and feel I AM getting better at this! 
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