Frequently asked questions about Turning Little Stones. 
Visit the setting with your child. 
Get to know the names of any staff members you both connected with. 
Notice anything that is familiar - a book or toy your child enjoys.  
Make sure you're always happy and positive. Your child does not need to hear any of your anxieties. 
Talk about the setting frequently and positively with your child (e.g. 'I wonder what songs they're singing today...') 
Pass by the setting frequently with happy chatter ('I wonder what they are having for snack today...') 
Prepare your child... ('I think we'll need to change your nappy soon...') 
Share some ideas of what you might do afterwards... ('When you're clean, we can go for a walk to the park...') 
Sing a favourite song as you begin. 
Smile and keep as much loving eye contact as you change the nappy 
Try to avoid face pulling or negative words. 
Be as quick, gentle and thorough as you can. 
Celebrate afterwards... ('you're all clean again! Now we're ready to...') 
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