Turning Little Stones celebrates its first birthday by launching Season 2
This month, Turning Little Stones celebrates its first birthday… and what a year it has been! We’ve aired some amazing podcasts and talked with some inspirational guests. We love the encouragements and feedback you have given us… Thank you. 
Birthdays are times to reflect. For me, it’s been a chance to look back and again express my huge thanks to each & every guest. They have all shared what they have (& many still are!) learning about the child(ren) in their lives! They have all been generous and honest as they tell their stories and I know their experiences have made a difference to the lives of many little people and their carers. 
And yes… we know…. and ask that you’ll forgive our radio silence in recent months. After the natural summer break, we have had numerous family events and transitions to manage. And then… just as Turning Little Stones was ready to celebrate its first birthday by launching Season 2, I was unexpectedly whisked into hospital for an unplanned operation. 
But all is now well, and we SUPER EXCITED to announce the launch of (drum roll please…) 
Season TWO!!!!! 
So, what should we look forward to in Turning Little Stones Season Two? 
Well, we begin with two authors, who have written two inspiring books on Nature. We are airing this episode first to coincide with the publication of their newest book, ‘A Year of Nature Walks and Games’ (I’m already ordering some for Christmas gifts). 
And then, we’ll hear from: 
A new dad 
Parents who are trying to make wise decisions about school 
More in our ‘Out & About’ series 
The Gift of Language 
Living well…in the digital world 
Living well… wise words from a paediatrician 
Saying ‘Sorry’ and the F*** Word 
… and… SO much MORE. 
We also want to hear from YOU! What have you found helpful? What would you like us to include in future episodes. 
As you know, Turning Little Stones podcasts are freely available to everyone. We hope that if you’ve found something interesting, you have shared it with your family, friends, nursery setting or school – anyone who you think it will appeal to. We’d also love to further our reach and raise our profile in the digital/social/podcast spheres. I’m led to understand that this in part relies on algorithms (& the like) which are influenced by the number of listens, downloads, shares, likes, stars, and who knows what else. 
We’d also be grateful if you could subscribe to Turning Little Stones on your preferred podcast platform and follow us on Facebook and Instagram. 
And… do keep an eye on our website, which is currently being adapted to accommodate Delving a Little Deeper. There you will find Show Notes for every podcast. These include the important points aired in each podcast and relevant signposts to organisations and resources mentioned by our guests. 
We’ve made sure that all episodes and show notes from Season 1 are available on our website. (If you want to know my back story, its available in Season 1; Episode 1). 
For Teachers and Early Years Settings 
Turning Little Stones is not just for parents and family carers. They are for professionals and volunteers in the sector. 
We intend our podcasts to be a free resource for Foundation Stage teachers, Early Years room leaders, students, apprentices, and trainees…. We’ve heard of settings asking their staff team to listen to Music Matters (Season 1; Episode 25) and Fabulous Phonics (Season 1; Episode 9) as preparation for subject specific staff meetings. We love that they are used in this way. 
I would have loved such a resource! As a manager of 4 cash-strapped settings, when twilight meetings could start after 6 pm, there was little time for quality input. Asking staff to listen to a feel-good podcast in preparation for team meetings, would have made a huge difference! 
Professionals and families can trust Turning Little Stones podcasts. In our ‘pick and mix’ world of good ideas, it is important to know that each episode is embedded in sound child development theory and research. We’re simply trying to make this accessible and relatable to all carers. 
Raise a glass in celebration! 
So, join us in saying Happy 1st Birthday Turning Little Stones and CHEERS to Season 2! 
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