Christmas Traditions 
We all have our own Christmas traditions. It’s fun to share and compare them. And when our children come along, we have a chance to create new Christmas traditions and make our own magic. 
I believe that traditions are powerful and it’s therefore worth taking a little time to think about what matter the most to us. This is why we recorded a Christmas Special podcast with contributions from a few Mums and Dads, a family worker and… Grandma Mary, reminiscing on her Christmas memories when she was a little girl, nearly 90 years ago! 
As we approach the final run-up to Christmas, we invite you to take a moment to think about your Christmas traditions. Why are they special? What might you want to tweak? Let’s take a fresh look with Turning Little Stones at the traditions we have, and why! 
Caroline’s favourite! 
I first came across this idea when our three children were very little. Just a snippet that I read somewhere (source unknown, although I would love to attribute it to whoever). It was something I found instantly appealing. We talked about it and have included into how we do Christmas ever since. 
Here’s how we give and receive presents at ours… 
It used to be…hmmm… you know… slightly awkward… those moments when we were gathered together expectantly. Who’s going to start opening first? Will it make us look greedy (like Stacey in the ‘Gavin & Stacey Christmas Special’)? 
It took a little expectation management and not a little explanation to visiting relatives and our three, so we all understood. But it worked! 
And this is how… and still does… 
Whether bought or homemade, our children were always involved in the wrapping their gifts and placing them around the tree. They knew (even as very young children) who they were going to give their gifts to and where to find them under the tree. 
On Christmas morning, before we open any of our presents from under the tree, we find and take our present to… say… grandma. We then stay with her, sitting next to her as her as she opens the gift. Others watch and the giver gets to see her delight first-hand. Thank you’s and cuddles are easy to give and receive. 
Why do I love it? 
Our children experienced the joy of giving from a very young age. It was (& still is) special! 
Why does Grandma love it? 
She doesn’t have to move to show her pleasure and gratitude to her grandchildren. 
What do our three children have to say about it, now they are adults? 
“Looking back, I think the giver physically giving the gift and staying with the recipient was very important. I actually now look forward more to giving the presents at Christmas than receiving them... (although both are pretty special!!!!!)” 
What are your favourite family traditions? 
Our Christmas Special podcast was inspired because I’m curious; I want to know what other families do. 
And so, I spent a delightful morning at a local tots group, chatting to some lovely parents, carers and family workers about their favourite Christmas traditions. A few were happy to be recorded! A little later, I met Mary, aged 90 ¾!), sharing her memories of her Leicester childhood… 
There’s not long to wait to hear them, the release date is 19th December. It’s worth taking a moment to listen to this one ahead of your Christmas. You can access it along with all recent podcasts on major platforms or on our website 
Thank you! 
Thank you for joining us, listening to Turning Little Stones since our launch in September … 
Thank you to all our guests – all of them true gems. 
Thank you, Sam and Emily, editors and mentors for Turning Little Stones. 
We’ve loved turning little stones together. Thank you for your encouragements and feedback. 
We’ll be back again in the New Year! 
Until then, we wish you all a joy-FULL and peace-FILLED Christmas! 
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